Whaayu is information and advice platform designed for you. Our goal is to guide you to high-quality products based on independent analyses and in-depth research.

Products that are Made in USA, have high-caliber engineering.  They generally show excellent quality and reliability. WHY? Please see our central essay.

Our goal: Make it easy for you to identify U.S.-made products. On Whaayu, you will find information and discussion only on products built in the United States of America. You receive research and opinions on choices you have. Our focus is primarily on the salient, big-ticket purchases – like automobiles, furniture, and appliances. That way, you get maximum value from Whaayu.

We have started with automobiles – SUVs/ Cross-overs. In coming weeks, you will see additional products discussed here.

At Whaayu, we have had years of experience in engineering, quality improvements, management and high-technology manufacturing.

Whaayu’s founder Manoj was trained as an engineer at leading universities. He enjoys performing proprietary research and developing customer-oriented analyses.